Damage Restoration

– Water/Fire Damage Cleaning
– Water Extraction & Dry-out
– Mold Remediation
– Deodorization & Decontamination
– Emergency Services
– Air Quality

Home Repair & Restoration
There are really two parts to each and every restoration job or emergency damage:

1st is the Mitigation
Dry out and clean up – which usually involves some removal of damaged or wet materials.
We will take pictures, record data and completely work with your insurance carrier to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

2nd is the Restoration
Repair of structure to pre-loss condition.
Drywall, flooring, carpentry work, painting, plumbing, electrical.
We are ready to be the contractor to take job from beginning to end.
We are here to serve you, and work to have you back in your home ASAP.

Who would choose America's Finest?

  • • Residential owners
  • • Owners of high rise buildings
  • • Property managers
  • • Tenants
  • • Real estate agents
  • • Facilities managers
  • • Insurance adjusters
  • • Management companies
  • • HOA
  • • General contractors