“My home is my lifelong project”

June 27th, 2012 by America's Finest

“My home is part of my life long project!”

YOU HAVE A CHOICE!” Robert Bourns

  Most homeowners are unaware that they have the choice to hire any restoration company they wish. You have the choice of a licensed, qualified professional to perform the restoration of the damages that your home has sustained.  Additionally, you have the right to have your home repaired to its pre-loss condition (within policy limits).

Insist on a Damage Restoration Company who works in YOUR best interest, not the insurance company’s.  America’s Finest Restoration Company is dedicated to letting people know about their choices. Our goal is to restore your home to its prior condition, and reduce the burden on you, so that you have peace of mind.

Generally, the first thought people have when they come home or wake up to find their home has had fire or water damage is,   “How do I fix this?” They are shocked and frustrated and wonder how it happened. Once the initial panic has passed, most people will likely be inclined to call their insurance company to file a claim.

“Could we suggest someone to help you out?” queries the very nice Insurance claims professional. Saying “yes” makes it all so easy, but is it in your best interest? America’s Finest may not be first on the Insurance claims list of providers, but we think that we should be first on yours, due to our high quality service and care.

I strongly advise that you make your first call to a restoration company; your second call can be to your insurance company. This will give you a faster response time and we can work with your insurance company for you. We take all the burden and confusion of the claims process off your shoulders.  Think of us as a 911 emergency responder.  In a medical emergency, no one ever contacts their insurance company first!

A message from America’s Finest Owner, Robert Bourns: “Our commitment is to bring comfort in your hour of need, by providing responsive service to the task that lies before us.  You can rest secure, knowing you have the best of Americas Finest resolving your challenges.  We will work directly with your Insurance Company, communicating with them through all stages of the restoration process. For two decades we have maintained the highest  level of quality and respect in our community. Let our family at America’s Finest take care of your family.”

Currently serving the Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties.

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